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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Welcome to the site!

Hey everyone. I started this site to start to capture information about the Merkur XR4Ti and the engine that powers it, a Ford 2.3l turbo, based on the 2.3l Lima engine found in the Pinto, originally.

I'm new to this community, having bought my 1988 Merkur XR4Ti in December 2017, I started on a deep dive to figure out what adventure I just bought into. To the right is a picture of how I found "Franc" in North Bend, WA, about 20 miles from my house (conveniently).

I found a lot of content on the Internet, but I also saw a lot of content that was there 10 years ago that is no longer available. My goal here is to start to capture the content that's worth saving, as sort of a combined FAQ and repository of sorts. I know that the Merkur Encyclopedia and exist to help fill that same void. I hope to be complimentary to both of those sites, as well as pull in other content as well.

Domain names and hosting are cheap, or free, so I intend to keep this up for as long as there's value and use for it.

Content owners, please let me know if you want to add something to this site. I'll also be reaching out to anyone who has content posted, to ask for permission to share and/or link to it from here, with full attribution.


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