Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Anyone need a good start at a Merkur XR4TI build?

Craigslist find, in Anchorage, AK. Should anyone be interested in what would probably be a road trip to get it...seems like a number of solid choices were made in building this car up.

Triple black xr with rs500 pinstipes-rare option. Fresh build. New/upgraded everything. Hope to find this car a good home. intercooler install and exhaust work only things left to complete-very picky design phase on everything decided on. Tried n true parts combination/build. Been building this car with the picky/knowledgible buyer In mind. Meticulous mechanic. 

lets just say it was built for you. Price doesn't even cover cost of parts. I could drive it daily but I don't. 

  • Eng/trans break-In done In my 88 tc, under 10k miles.
  • Professionally built forged 2.3.
  • Ranger roller cam walsh adj-4.
  • T5 swap tc wc very low mi. new clutch.
  • Aerostar ds with haulsee adapter.
  • La3 ecm-no cuts-fact wire pin to pin. big vam
  • E6 60/63 garrett stinger stainless down pipe
  • Bosch o2, motocraft plugs/wires.
  • Rear mounted yellow optima batt. Upgraded grounds.
  • 16x7 svt contour baby cobra rims w/svt caps.
  • 10k on 205/55/16 bfg sport comp 2 z rated tires.
  • upgraded ranger wheel studs. 
  • 1g dsm bov/bpv and intercooler. (To be installed)
  • Cd/usb amp box.
  • 1988 xr-150mph dash/wide tunnel. 
  • Bi wing hatch- comes with single wing orig also.
  • Difficult Zero footprint type build-factory feel throughout a much improved car.
  • Cosworth grille, vents and lights with correct bulkheads
  • runs flawless-setup spot on. Never turned up-fact cntrl
  • Well balanced world class touring car-88 wtc champ.
  • Much more new/Improved than listed.
  • Not car show nice-enough to hold its own in parkin lot.
  • Cleanest xr you'll find. No leaks/drips. Runs smoother than a new xr. Original paint no touch ups. Comes with hp build parts and titled parts car.
Need to take some new pics. Lots of little things completed before winter-None like it in [Alaska]. Clean title good tags. $3000 to the right person.

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